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Speed2Results, we bridge the people and business performance.

Behind every great leader is a great team. With Speed2Results, you get a fresh, results-based approach to management consulting that truly delivers. We match you in your commitment to performance. What makes us unique is that we integrate management consulting with counseling and business acumen to provide you with solutions that help you with your targeted destination to sell, transition or grow your business. We help you realize the goals you have for yourself and your business. You won’t be disappointed.

Speed2Results specializes in putting the heart of the family back in closely held and family owned businesses.

Seller Readiness®

There is no time like the present to be prepared to sell or transition your business.

Performance Execution

Better. Faster. Achievement you can count on for you and your team.

Leadership Development

Build the leadership team that builds your business.

How prepared are you to sell or transition?

5 minutes max & receive a complimentary 30 minute consultation.

Seller Readiness Advisory Group

Bounce ideas off our experts

What business leaders are saying

“Value of Seller Readiness:  Understanding the nuances of selling your business from a emotional and psychological perspective is paramount to your decision making process. Also, knowing a benchmark value of your business is essential in making logical decisions about your future after the sale. My wife and I ended up doing this on our own and living with constant fears and unanswered questions. If a Seller Readiness Solution had been available,  a solid transition plan would have been in place in order to make well informed decisions, which I am now convinced would have resulted in a great experience.”

Ken Jensen

former CEO/President, Builders Appliance Center

Lisa Niederman /Speed2Results is a highly trusted friend and admired colleague. She is a powerful thought-leader in our community and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Lisa has over 30 years experience in organizational psychology. She comes from a private, family-owned business herself and saw first hand the effects of the sale on her dear Father. She has created the Seller Readiness Advisory Group of which I am also a Member. Her process in preparing owners for the sale or transition of their business is unlike anything I have seen in the worldwide marketplace.”
Frances M. Mickelson

Global Legacy & Insurance Strategy Advisor, Cornerstone Advisors International

“My natural style is to be focused on results and driven business practices, with a high standard for performance. Lisa Niederman and Speed2Results have been guiding lights for me as a leader, helping me to achieve greater results, faster. They have also helped me with building my leadership team to achieve top performance. Looking for real world, practical guidance and tools that take you and your leadership to competitive heights? Look no further – Speed2Results is your right partner.”
Melodie Reagan

CEO and Founder, i2i Workforce


Give yourself and your business a true advantage, a true partner.

We are here to help. We bridge the people and business performance.

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