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Pat Mickelson

Investment Advisor, Stonefield Investment Advisory Inc.


Investment Advisor
Stonefield Investment Advisory Inc.

Pat has worked with employers to improve their 401(k) plans for nearly twenty years. As an independent investment advisor, he helps companies minimize their fiduciary liability, cut costs, improve investment performance and provide one-on-one advice for employees. Bottom line: He minimizes headaches for people that run 401(k) plans.

Pat began his investment career as a 401(k) specialist with Merrill Lynch, serving as the lead service representative to the then-largest 401(k) plan in existence. Later, he served as a team leader with INVESCO Funds and AIM Investments. On numerous occasions, Pat won the nationally recognized Dalbar Award for outstanding service. Since establishing his own investment advisory practice with Stonefield Investment Advisory in 2004, he has worked with individuals and businesses to build portfolios that meet their investment and income objectives.

Pat places great emphasis on personal values and knows doing the right thing should come before all else. He has worked hard to ensure his business model minimizes bureaucracy, conflicts of interest and overhead. These traits allow efficient, effective investment management.

Pat appreciates organization, accountability and simplicity, living by these characteristics both professionally and personally. Also, he values spending time with clients, not just talking with them on the phone or sending emails.


MBA, Touro University International; B.A., University of Northern Iowa, double major in marketing and spanish, minor international business


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