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Group Dynamics

Achieving more together

Group Dynamics

1. (used with a plural verb) The interactions that influence the attitudes and behavior of people when they are grouped with others through either choice or accidental circumstances.

2. (used with a singular verb) The study of such interactions.


Did you know?

  • 14% of companies have workers who understand the company strategy, goals and direction. 14% 14%
  • 31% of workers said they didn’t like their boss, and felt a lack of empowerment. 31% 31%
  • 70% of respondents in a University study cite being part of a dysfunctional team. 70% 70%
  • 96% of execs cite lack of collaboration and ineffective communications for workplace failures. 96% 96%

Sources: ClearCompany, Accenture, University of Phoenix, Salesforce.

Speed2Results helps you have positive and productive teams.


Speed2Results works with onsite and virtual teams of all sizes to ensure they perform at their best. We understand that people often take on distinct roles and behaviors within their work group and organization. A group can have positive or poor dynamics. Positive dynamics drive better performance and creativity. Poor dynamics cause behaviors that disrupt work and can create a dysfunctional culture.

Our people are often our biggest expense and they have the greatest impact on the performance of our business. Ensuring they perform at their best individually and together is critical to your business success.

“We are a family-owned construction firm that has experienced significant growth in the last few years, especially with the boom in the construction industry in Colorado. The S2R team was hired to assist the owners to identify individual roles, responsibilities and accountabilities to better manage a high-performance growth culture. The S2R team delivered exceptional results in under 90 days that we continue to sustain in our culture today. We highly recommend their work, and the team is true to their brand promise of Speed2Results!”

Kelly M. Eustace

Chairman/COO, Heating & Plumbing Engineering Inc.

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