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Family Business Owner Peer Groups

For Greater Business Performance


of business owners are over 67 years old. In most cases, families are unprepared for a sudden and unexpected event.


of businesses provide education to prepare family members for transition to leadership.


of businesses currently lack a written succession plan.


of businesses are operating in maturing industries, making them potential targets for disruption.

Source: Wealth Management.com, December 2018.

Accelerate your business performance.
Get confidential, shared peer learning.
Develop real solutions. Achieve real results.

Yours is a road less traveled. Family Business Owner (FPO) Peer Groups bring together seasoned business leaders in a confidential setting to tackle the complexities of family-owned businesses to achieve more for themselves, their business and their families.
Join us for at our February 19, 2019 FPO Meet and Greet to learn more about Family Business Owner Peer Groups.

BKD, MossAdams and Speed2Results have joined their professional talent and expertise; accounting, succession / continuity planning, organizational and family psychology to provide a peer group for family business owners focused on the unique challenges of growing, operating and transitioning family businesses.

Solutions for an ever-changing business market need to be vetted, readily accessible and have an ease with execution to remain competitive in a sped-up business climate. The Family Business Owner Peer Group (FBO Peer Group) is made for this dynamic business climate. Understanding the sense of urgency and momentum needed for you to continue to elevate your business performance.

Our solution – peer groups for family business owners that provide resources and confidential discussions of the unique challenges of owning a family business. FBO Peer Group is:

Topic driven. Members select 2 topics for a deep dive discussion
Time Bound. 4-month subscription.
Individual coaching. Monthly meetings with owners to ensure rapid execution
Expert facilitators. Facilitators have worked with family businesses over 20 years

The group provides a “safe” and confidential experience for you to engage with your peers through the exchange of ideas, discussion of the impact of family dynamics and business, define solutions to persistent challenges and identify key actions experienced by owners growing and transitioning their business.

Suitable topics for the FBO Peer Group include:
• Contingency planning
• Succession and continuity creation for inter-generational transfer
• Family participation plan – prerequisites for kids to enter business
• Strategic options for a liquidity event
• Family Governance

And more!

Frustrated with execution? Want more from your business? Seeking to sell/transition your business?

Elevate your business in this 4-month, confidential, interactive program.

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