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Find and hire "Wow" talent

Have you struggled to find and hire the right talent?

days on average to fill an open position, up from 48 days in 2011


recruiters say shortage of candidates is top obstacle to hiring


of declined offers were due to candidates accepting other jobs (2H2015)


of the individual's first-year potential earnings is the cost of a bad hire


of the demand to hire new employees is simply to replace those who have left

                                                                  –Deloitte, glassdoor, GreenJobInterview and LinkedIn 2016

–Deloitte, glassdoor, GreenJobInterview and LinkedIn 2016

Speed2Results knows the right talent is critical to your success. We partner with a great firm to give you recruitment expertise when you need it, and we can support all of your HR and team development needs.


Our Services

Our Services

Hire right the first time.

Speed2Results work with you to screen candidates and ensure they have the skills necessary to be effective in the job, and are a strong fit for your team. A bad hire not only negatively impacts your team and your business, it’s extremely costly. According to SHRM, it cost up to 5 times a bad hire’s annual salary.

In addition to hands-on job development and interviewing, Speed2Results uses state-of-the art assessments including Pinsight. In line with behavioral interviewing, the greatest predictor of job success is true performance. Pinsight enables you to have candidates evaluated live and in action. Hire with confidence.




Onboarding Services

The first 90 days for a new hire are critical to their success. You’ve just spent a lot of time and money to find the person and hire them. Don’t let their integration into your company hopefully happen. Speed2Results can help you ensure your new team member acquires the necessary knowledge, skills, behaviors and team member connections to be successful. We work with you and your new hire, using a step-by-step process, to ensure:

  1. understanding of their new job and related expectations
  2. awareness of organizational norms, both formal and informal
  3. building of critical relationship throughout the organization


Find and hire the "Wow" talent you need and deserve.

We are here to help. We bridge the people and business performance.

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